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Michigan-Based Luxury Cannabis



Our customers will attest to the fact that we bring all of them together through our grand vision: 

create a high quality cannabis experience.

At Narvona, we have the answer to many questions such as these:

Is it really possible for premium cannabis to be this accessible?

Can a company like ours have big dreams while maintaining pristine quality?

Will the products be consistent enough to impress fellow cannabis connoisseurs?

What is our response?

Birthday Funk, Narvona
Narvona Packaging

Explore our wide selection of strains


Where the Magic Starts

As we know in our world, great children can be made with the help from exceptional parenting. In the plant world, things are not too different. One may put the best nutrients into their plants to get a better result; however, it will not have the best outcome purely due to genetics. At Narvona, we choose strains that are well-known for genetic excellency. All of our moms are hand picked and tested for any potential hazards.

Clones, Roll Out!

It's always important to pick the best from a set of clones. In order to get the most optimal experience out of our plants, we clone out more than we need. After getting to an appropriate size, we choose clones containing the most potential.

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Quality First

Each and every one of our plants get their leaves removed multiple times throughout the flowering process so they remain aerated and healthy. Due to the bountiful amount of issues that can arise during the flowering stage, our grow team pays close attention to the amount of watering, sunlight, temperature, and de-leafing. Additionally, our state of the art centralized monitoring system guarantees environmental perfection.

Meticulous Trimming

Once these marvelous buds reach post-harvest, they are then hand-trimmed by our team of experienced trimmers. Before the end of the day and between every strain our scissors, bins, tables, and cure tubes are cleaned with isopropyl alcohol. Cleanliness is one of the most important tasks we stress to our employees.


Finishing Touch

After all the work that's been put into quality so far, we don't stop there. Shortly after testing, the cure tubes are then sent over to our packaging team to be weighed and put into jars. But wait, that's not all! Even our packagers want to make sure you have the best premium smoking experience the market can offer; Therefore, once again there's a final touch-up on any trim that may have been missed so that people truly get what they pay for.

Our Story

Experience is key to everything we do; however, the experience of pure Narvona is only possible when attention is paid to every last detail.

We aim to be a top Medical (MMJ) and Recreational Marijuana (RecMj) supply vendor for Provisioning Centers spanning across Michigan! From growing our flower to packaging, we stress purity, safety and a total freedom from pesticides, fillers, or chemicals. Our cryo-ethanol extraction process guarantees near perfect product every time! 

Don't leave your local provisioning center without knowing what you paid for.

This emphasis on wholesome, safe, quality cannabis comes from the fact that we are a licensed family grow operation. Take your pick anywhere from the growers, post harvest, sales, marketing, quality control and back; We are a family.

We are

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