About Us


At Narvona, our products are defined by many answers to many questions, and you might not think that all of them can co-exist. Is it really possible for a premium luxury weed brand to be so accessible? Can a cannabis company have big dreams, while holding on to its humble Michigan roots? What if that same company simply and flatly refused to compromise on the quality of its cannabis?


Our Story

There’s no need to be skeptical about the answers to these questions. Our customers will attest to the fact that we bring all of them together through our grand vision, in order to create a high end weed experience. That one word, experience, is key to everything we do, because the kind of experience that we want to create, a state of Narvona, is only possible when attention is paid to every last detail.

We aim to be a top medical marijuana (MMJ) and recreational supply vendor for dispensaries and Provisioning Centers in Michigan. When growing our cannabis and creating our products, we stress purity, safety, and a total freedom from pesticides. Our strains are grown and sold without fillers, pesticides, and chemicals, so that our dried cannabis flower products will leave you satisfied with a pure cannabis experience. Additionally, our cryo-ethanol extraction process basically guarantees a perfect product every time, giving you confidence in our oil and cartridges as well.

This emphasis on wholesome, safe, quality cannabis comes from the fact that Narvona is a family operation. Take your pick throughout our organization, from the growers, to customer service, to sales, to marketing, to quality control, and you’ll come across an aunt, uncle, dad, mom, brother, sister, or cousin. When the same group of people are at your Thanksgiving dinner and staff meetings, that’s what we call Narvona. When your luxury cannabis is also easily accessible, that’s Narvona. When your cannabis comes from a family operation with big dreams, that’s Narvona. When your cannabis is pure, high quality, and compromise free, that’s Narvona. However, words can only go so far. Now it’s your turn to experience it.