Welcome to The Peak of Purity.

A new summit for Michigan Cannabis

Narvona is committed to bringing the purest, highest quality cannabis to our markets, without sacrificing any of the user experience. Just because cannabis is becoming a big business doesn’t mean that consumers should have to sacrifice that authentic luxury weed experience. Family owned and operated, with roots in Michigan, we are committed to ending the days of cannabis compromise. Whether you’re interested in medical cannabis or recreational marijuana, Narvona delivers the most natural experience available.

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Narvona White
A lighter, head-high
Narvona Gray
A level, dynamic-high
Narvona Black
A heavier, body-high
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Our brightest cannabis experience. Add vitality to your day with this invigorating blend, great for sparking creativity and sharpening focus. Find inspiration with Narvona White.


Our hybrid weed blend offers the proper balance of calm and collected. Ideal for adventures with friends or a leisure moment to yourself. There’s no wrong time for Narvona Gray.


Our most soothing cannabis offering. This blend is perfect for those wanting to ease physical tensions or settle a busy mind. Life takes its toll. Have a bit of respite with Narvona Black.


Family First

This emphasis on wholesome, safe, quality cannabis comes from the fact that Narvona is a licensed family grow operation. Take your pick throughout our organization, from the growers, to customer service, to sales, to marketing, to quality control, and you’ll come across an aunt, uncle, dad, mom, brother, sister, or cousin. When the same group of people is at your Thanksgiving dinner and staff meetings, that’s what we call Narvona.

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